We are happy to annouce the introduction of the exciting D6 School Communicator to our school.

The D6 School Communicator is a simple and instant way to keep in contact with you. It keeps you up-to-date with everything that’s happening or will happen at school whether it be on the day or a week away. It brings you the latest news, urgent messages and calendar events.

The D6 Application can be downloaded on your cellphones or on a desktop at work and even on multiple devices.

Downloading the application is easy.

For Desk Top
You can download the communicator from the School Communicator website via
www.school-communicator.com/downloads. While downloading click “save” and then “run”.

For Andriod (Mobile Device)

You can go to Play Store, search for D6 School Communicator, press “install” and say “accept”.

Once you’ve installed it onto your phone, say “open” and fill in the required information.

iPhone / iPad

You can go to App Store, search ‘D6 School Communicator’ and download. Open up the installed application and press “allow” for push notifications and fill in your email address and name for school monitoring purposes. Fill in the required information.

When on the D6 School Communicator application, it will immediately take you to the Notice Board where all of the information, newsletters and updates can be viewed once you have selected the school of your choice.

The D6 application is safe to use. Private information shared on the application may only be used by the school. Information is not allowed to be sold to or shared with a third party.

Depending on the updated content, the application uses an average of 30Mb of data a month and should never be excessive.

You can also personalise your incoming data to suit your required information. For example; you can set your information to only receive news or homework related to your child in a specific grade or if they do a specific sport.

This is an exciting venture for our school to be able to communicate with you effectively and without delay.