Welcome to Greenwood Primary School

Greenwood Primary School is a unique learning facility in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth which caters for learners from pre-primary to grade 7. It is conveniently situated in the centre of the city, directly opposite the historical St George’s Park Cricket Grounds.

The school caters for 860 learners who are taught by 55 vibrant staff members. Together they make up the Greenwood family. Being a fully inclusive school, Greenwood Primary School also caters for children with learning disabilities and those who are hard of hearing.

The school offers a caring, nurturing environment which aims to foster an attitude of unity and community in its learners while maintaining a standard of excellence in academic, cultural and sporting activities.

It is said that “it takes a village to raise a child”. At Greenwood Primary School, it is understood that to truly cater to the holistic development of each learner, the broader community and family of the child must be involved. The school strives to foster good relationships and open communication with all stakeholders so that everyone feels like a valuable part of the “Greenwood family tree.”

Greenwood Primary School Pillars

A strong focus on academics is one of the most fundamental pillars of a quality school experience.

“Mainstream” academic education refers to the Department of Education’s CAPS academic programme which is followed by the majority of learners at Greenwood Primary School.

Greenwood Primary School’s Learners with Special Education Needs (LSEN) section includes a Partially Hearing Unit which follows the mainstream curriculum.

The department is staffed by specially trained teachers from pre-primary level to grade 7.

The section also employs a full time speech therapist/audiologist.

Greenwood Primary School places a strong emphasis on cultural activities, and has fostered a strong tradition of excellence in its music and drama departments

Most notably, all of the school’s drama productions since 1996 have been nominated for, and have won, a number of The Herald Showtime Awards.

Sport at Greenwood Primary School plays an important role in the learners’ lives.

Pupils are encouraged to participate in at least one summer, and one winter sport.

The school prides itself in catering for individuals at every level of ability. 

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Greenwood Primary School
Greenwood Primary School
To the du Preez family - thank you for the enormous contribution that you made both individually and together as a family to our school - you will be a fondly remembered era at Greenwood Primary.

We wish you everything of the best as you continue your life journey as a family at Stirling High School in East London . Best wishes and much love your Greenwood Primary School Family
Greenwood Primary School
Greenwood Primary School
Attention all parents and guardians!

There will be a homework pick-up and drop off this Friday. It is absolutely essential that the Blue and Green homework folders are returned to the school when homework is collected.

The Grade 1's and 3's will not receive any new work - instead they must continue with the work that they have already been given.
Greenwood Primary School
Greenwood Primary School
Our head boy (Limyoli) and our deputy head girl (Amahle) continuing to work hard and make music "together" during Lockdown.

Here is a performance of the Haydn duet op. 99, second movement.
Greenwood Primary School
Greenwood Primary School
Greenwood Primary School
The following piece is an arrangement of Claire Venn's piece, "OLLI", for wind band, arranged by Mr Kyle du Preez. This piece is a call to all South Africans to look after and preserve this One Land that we have all inhertited, to love it and to treasure it for the future generations of our country. This song was used for "One Land - Love It" (OLLI), a conservation project that aims to look after and protects the rhinos. We were privileged to have Mr Wayne Bolton from One Land Love It speak to us last year to share the importance of nature conservation, to preserve what we have for the generations to come - both human and animal. Greenwood Primary places a high value on nature conservation. One way that we aim to educate all of our learners is by sending our Grade 3's to the Kragga Kamma game reserve each year to see how these animals live in their natural habitat and how we can all play an important part in ensuring that our planet is a safe place for all.

We are proud to present the first ever arrangement of Claire Venn's piece, "OLLI". Claire Venn is a musician from Port Elizabeth. It is always a thrill for us to celebrate local heritage. Mrs Venn is featured here with the Greenwood wind band.

Featured in this video is a video tutorial of how to draw a rhinoceros.
We would like to put out a call for all of our pupils to draw a rhinoceros and to photograph themselves with what they have drawn and we will post it on our Facebook page. All drawings must be submitted with the child's first name only as well as their class. The full video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQbZmvseW8w

This piece is an important reminder to us all, especially during this global pandemic, that we are to preserve and look after what we have.
It takes a global effort to ensure that what we have remains for the years to come.
Greenwood Primary School
Greenwood Primary School
Greenwood Primary School
Dear Grade 6 and 7 parents,

Here is a video to help give your child an idea of the procedures and entry route for their arrival at school on Monday, 6 July.

Keep safe!!
Greenwood Primary School
Greenwood Primary School
Greenwood Primary School
Dear Grade R parents,

Here is a video to help give your child an idea of the procedures and entry route for their arrival at school on Monday, 6 July.

Keep safe!!
Greenwood Primary School

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