About Greenwood Primary

Welcome to Greenwood Primary’s website.

Greenwood Primary School is a unique school in Port Elizabeth. It is situated in the centre of the city, right across from the St George’s cricket stadium, and caters for pupils from Pre Primary to grade 7. Being a fully inclusive school it also caters for children with learning disabilities and those who are hard of hearing

The school is made up of 860 learners and 55 vibrant staff members who together make up the Greenwood Family. Greenwood Primary School is a caring environment which sets forth to nurture and foster an attitude of unity and community while not compromising on achieving excellence in academic, cultural and sport activities.

It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child. We understand that to truly cater to the holistic development of each pupil the broader community and family of the child must be involved. In the Greenwood family we strive to foster good relationships and open communication so that we all truly feel that we belong “Under the Greenwood Tree.”